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By Christina Tullo 3 years ago
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Optility Print Brochure Design Optility Print Brochure Design Optility Print Brochure Design

A recent acquisition from a software company, Optility Nuclear Medicine Management Software for Capintec was meant to bridge the gap between the company’s Dose Calibrator line and the input and storage of information about patients and doses. The existing literature read like War and Peace- it was long-winded, wordy. The brochure used generic stock photography as illustrations.

We threw the whole thing out and started from scratch- the inside cover was rewritten and given a spin so that Capintec Dose Calibrators and Optility sound like a winning combination, and artwork of Capintec Dose Calibrators was peppered throughout the brochure. A table of the top ten features of Optility was created and organized through use of color and line to dress it up and give it the appearance of being more than simply a block of text. The brochure was given a deep blue color in order to bring it under the Capintec umbrella of products and make it feel as if it was a Capintec offering.

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