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By Christina Tullo 3 years ago
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Capintec Catalog Print Design Capintec Catalog Print Design Capintec Catalog Print Design Capintec Catalog Print Design

A yearly production, Capintec’s annual catalog portrays old and new nuclear medical products with printed information and color photos throughout the catalog. The only problem was, most of the product photography was still in black and white, or pulled from websites, so that the images were low-quality. Too many fonts were used in its 152 pages.

I redesigned the catalog from the ground up, changing all typefaces to include just two in varying thicknesses throughout the entire book. Product photos were all reshot using a blue backdrop and studio lighting instead of existing photos taken under fluorescent light with the background clipped. This blue background adds a splash of color to the pages of the catalog, which normally included photos of largely off-white products. The blue allowed these products to jump off the page.

Additionally the catalog was produced on a USB credit card, for people who did not want to carry the 152-page catalog, especially at trade shows. These USB credit card-sized catalogs replaced CD catalogs which had been produced up until this point for the same reason. The USB catalogs were an overwhelming success, and only a few at a time could be put out at trade shows because patrons took so many of them.

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